Your February 2022 Sucréscope Reading

Your February 2022 Sucréscope Reading


Hey, Capricorn. Single? Someone might be coming your way to offer their love — someone who fits your energy and makes harmonious music with you.

Perhaps it's a water sign. While sometimes a pain in the a**, opposites can attract. So don't count it out. They could also help you with the balance you need. After all, you Capricorns are always bustin' a move and love to put in overtime.

Be wary of outside people who feel some way about your new courtship and whatever behaviors they might be exhibiting towards you. The same goes for couples. You'll both want to be wrapped up in your lover’s arms. Get close and cuddly. Home is undoubtedly where the heart is. 

Is your workplace frustrating you? Or are you thinking of putting in your two weeks? Try to break from the demands and relax a little bit as hard as this may sound.

Let people help you who are extending their hand in support.

Also, be smart and make the right choice. Don't make hasty moves that could burn holes in your pockets. 

Cards: Five of Wands, Five of Swords, Getting to Know Each Other



It's all about you, Taurus. Your healing and self-respect will appear more romantically attractive to others, bringing forth a new romantic cycle you've been desiring. 

Your creativity and imagination have been off the charts as of recently. The passion project you've been nurturing is slowly and steadily becoming more successful. The more you work on it, the more praise you'll receive and the more abundance you'll reap. Because of your entrepreneurial focus, you're setting yourself up for blazing independence. Get ready to flourish and rack up the cash.

You might find your head down working a lot. Get in some fun on the weekends. You've got a very active month ahead, but also do what brings you joy. 

Cards: Eight of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles, Love Yourself First



Whatever challenge you experience in January, know that the waters are clearing up for you and will flow much more quickly than before. Work hard and play hard, but don't spend up all of your hard ends as soon as you earn it. All is good and abundant. Stay balanced.

Feeling antsy? Practice patience and be confident that your work is paying off in more ways than one — not just money. Let those talents shine, and keep up the excellent work. The door to value is opening up even more in your favor. 

You might also feel tired from moving at steady, never giving up Virgo speed. Slow down and relax whenever you can. 

Coupled up? This month's energy might compel you two to spend more quality time together like beautiful outdoor experiences or in the comforts of your abode. Single? Love on yourself and take yourself out on bougie a** multi-course dining experience and relax at an exquisite spa experience. It's honeymoon season. Rest and love it up.

Cards: Six of Swords, Two of Wands, Honeymoon



Self-sabotage — don't fall into its trap. Whether you might be sabotaging a relationship or the good things that are happening for you — think twice and think your behaviors through.

Do the inner work to work out the kinks that might be telling you you don't deserve the best. 

Suppose self-sabotage hasn't plagued you, even better. Just keep your eyes peeled for the poor in spirit around you instead. 

Someone is watching you, and they're praying for your downfall. Secretly, this person thinks you're just experiencing a lucky streak. And boy are they bent out of shape over it. They might envy your decisions and disagree with your life path.

Within the month, this person could reveal themselves but persevere anyway because envy is inevitable.

You're super confident, and your support is through the roof, and it shows.

Let your audience watch — it's your moment. Relish in it. You have so many amazing things happening for you, and you're incredibly blessed. Don't let anyone or anything kill your vibe.

Cards: Five of Swords, Page of Swords, The Universe Has Your Back



This month, Libras are running into a situation that could be a slight challenge. Not necessarily specific to romantic relationships. Maybe work isn't flowing as much as you'd like, and you feel the need to withdraw and recollect— for just a quick moment. 

Whatever the case may be, meditate and get balanced again. There's always a lesson to learn but beating yourself up about it isn't the answer.

Take it at face value and move on and up. We aren't perfect. Our human experiences are ever-changing and evolve and mature us over time.

Coupled or single, you might get a harsh word to hear from your partner. It might be a tough pill to swallow, but a little constructive criticism is healthy — especially if it's coming from a good place. 

Cards: Seven of Pentacles, Temperance


Gemini, you are fancying a past-life relationship when it comes to love. You are reuniting and rekindling an old, passionate love — romantic and solid love. And you're all in it.

Whether coupled up or single, February might be a really good, memorable time for you and your partner/cuddle buddy. Let the fire burn and have a little fun.

Two offers at work might land on the table —  leading to wish fulfillment. Pick based on what's important to you. Balance your needs versus wants. Weigh your options. Nevertheless, take what's yours. Go to war for it.

February is all about prioritizing your happiness through confidence and courage (relationship or business-related). Just know that whatever decision you make will bring you out of stress and misery.

You'll propel into solid promises, longevity, and your ultimate passion.

Cards: Ace of Pentacles, Two of Pentacles, Past-Life Relationship



This month, you'll feel much more lighthearted and playful in spirit. You're happy, and it shows. You might have some envious people around you, but that doesn't mean that you aren't good enough for the joys you are experiencing. 

Even amid your present joys, remember the inevitable ebbs and flows of life. Keep finding healthy pleasures and stay optimistic in challenging situations. Don't let random obstacles get you down. 

Coupled up? You might want to be closer to your partner or need their support this month, and it might have something to do with a new journey you're considering. Go ahead — express your love and make a romantic gesture. 

Related to your career, you're ready to go for the gold. You're channeling a lot of fire energy and will step in with a defeat and conquer mentality. And your partner might be on the sidelines cheering you on. Regardless of relationship status, a meaningful partnership/collaboration could present itself. 

Money is generally good but has been a little wonky as of recently. Be careful with spending and keeping track of your cash flow. If you've got a budget, stick to it. 

Cards: Six of Wands, Three of Pentacles, Express Your Love



This month, you might be dealing with some challenges, Cancer. Challenges aren't indicative of a romantic situation. Challenges can be associated with a rift in friendships, dynamics on the job, or with your mental health, peace, and well-being.

Whatever the case may be, stay grounded, disciplined, and stick to your boundaries in this situation. Separate yourself for a bit if you need to. Taking a moment for clarity isn't a crime.

Feeling anxious? Slow down and think your steps through. Stuck in the past? Don't let it hold you back, and be kind and gentle to yourself. Do what's best for you. You're worthy of peace.

Don't cry over spilled milk if this pertains to your career path and its challenges specifically. Just because a few options didn't work doesn't mean you don't have the potential to soar to the highest of heights. Get your game plan together and get busy because, after all, you're on the path to even more self-sufficiency and increased stability. 

You're bound for greatness, and everyone knows it. 

Also, whether you're coupled up or single, travel is in your cards. A weekend getaway could be refreshing.

Cards: Nine of Pentacles, Five of Cups, Freedom



Scorpio, are you stressed out, overthinking situations, or worried? If so, have you considered that maybe you're just trippin'? It's a possibility. Relax — it might not be as big of a deal as it might seem.

Be realistic with a splash of optimism. Release the obstacles in your mind. It's all good, boo. You have to believe it will be, too.

Career-wise, you might be thinking your work/art isn't good enough. The more you let go, you'll come across as more authentic and do even better of a job. Everyone knows you're killing it. 

On a money tip, this month, you might be coming out of conflict with money and starting a new strategy with how you're spending your dollars and recovering from constant bills. 

Single? There's no reason to worry about why you don't have a partner yet. It doesn't mean you aren't loveable; it's just not time. Give yourself extra TLC this month. You don't need anyone to make you feel beautiful and special. You already know you are. 

Coupled up? Drop that sexy, mysterious Scorpion energy on them and demand the passion you want. Let the fire burn.

Cards: Five of Wands, Eight of Swords, You Deserve Love



Work, work, work, work, work, work [inserts Rihanna twerk]. 

Get ready to accept some great news. Your professional life is off the Richter Scale. Your accomplishments aren't going unnoticed, and that could mean something great in the works for you in return. Think of a possible raise or promotion. Or perhaps an ideal work situation could fall in your lap.

Aside from your career and money, meditate and contemplate — something could happen this month related to love or another interpersonal relationship, and you'll have to decide on its future.

Think long, hard, and deep about any truths or epiphanies that make themselves known this month. Just be firm and 100% sure about whatever actions you decide to take.

One thing might be for sure, your standards are high, and you might feel that if it's not what you want or your needs aren't met, you might not think it's not worth the trouble. You're a natural-born leader, and the ball is in your royal court. 

Single? Put yourself first and get with the gworls on the weekends. You don't need to be partnered up to feel appreciated. You are exactly where you need to be right now. 

Cards: Ace of Pentacles, King of Wands, Unrequited Love



There could be a fruitful professional offer in the works, bringing happiness, stability, and a whole lot of creative satisfaction to your life — bringing you more monetary security and abundant opportunities you desire. Things will move quickly, so be ready to keep up with the pace. 

Have fun while you're getting busy at work, too. Let your child-like energy come out to play. Dive into the arts and do what feels relaxing, free-flowing, and natural.

Visit a museum or whatever you can to feed your energy (safely). Let your artsy inhibitions run free.

Coupled up? Trust that divine timing is in the works. If something is on the table or things feel a little rough, be patient — what you want will manifest itself. Good things are on the way. Keep up with the effort and patience. 

Singles — haven't met the right person yet? Dating, but the person isn't who you want to be with? That's okay. Relax and chill. Whatever the case is, you are your best f*cking company, and whenever the time is right, you'll be treated like the royalty you are. 

Cards: Ace of Cups, Queen of Wands, Worth Waiting For


Feeling a little unsettled and uncertain about any of your interpersonal relationships (romantic or not)? There may be some unresolved, unspoken conflict that needs attention.

If you're feeling emotionally unstable – take a breather and think this through. You've been super vocal about what serves and doesn't serve you — it's like you've transcended from a cocoon. Even still, a little tact never hurt anyone. 

Whether it's a family drama, a partner disagreement, or a friend that doesn't understand your point of view, speak up and set your boundaries — even if the near-term outcome isn't ideal. 

The silver lining will be open doors to new possibilities with choosing who to surround yourself with. Your standards will speak for themselves. You might even get an apology or two from those so-called offenders.

Ultimately, it will all work out, and that beef doesn't have to be the end all be all. You’re just making a line in the sand.

Regarding your money and career, your hard work is paying off.  Whatever venture you have cooking, February will be a month of blessings and starting over into a new journey. You're ready to climb new heights, flourish and blossom, and let Spirit guide your path.

Cards: Nine of Cups, Queen of Swords, Imagination 



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