About us

Founded by Kimberly Fomby Jefferson in 2011, Sucré Couture is a New Orleans-born and San Francisco Bay Area-grown editorial lifestyle and jewelry brand. Beyond the gold adornments many have come to covet in their jewelry collections, Sucré Couture pays homage to the fashionable culture of Black women pre-date the 2000s and evokes the sexy, raw, uncut, and magnetic essence of the Sucré Girl.

Meet the founder

Kimberly Fomby Jefferson aka 'Kimmie Denise' is a 10-year fashion entrepreneur, jewelry designer, and a Black woman in technology.

With a passion for jewelry attached to childhood memories and her undying love for the 90s alongside a career in digital product development, she only saw it fit to merge fashion with technology to story tell the Sucré Girl lifestyle you experience today.

Her earlier Sucré work earned jewelry features in British Vogue and Sheen Magazine. Kimmie holds a Bachelor's of Art in Mass Communication with a minor from Xavier University of Louisiana. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, son, and pug.