Created and owned by Kimmie Denise, Sucré Couture came from a need to see dope ass women in some badass jewelry.

In 2011, beginning with a simple website, a humble inventory, and a vision of greatness, Sucré Couture got its start in New Orleans. Soon after, we replanted our roots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then, we've been launching collections for the Sucré girl with showstopping energy who can move mountains with a push of a red, manicured nail.

Sucré Couture's easily identifiable brand identity has flourished under the creative direction of The Vic Styles and Kimmie's 90s and grunge flair and obsessive love for quality gold jewelry.

Meet the Team

Kimmie, CEO and Founder

Kimmie (aka Kimberly Fomby Jefferson) is a 10-year fashion entrepreneur, jewelry designer, and a Black woman in technology. With a passion for jewelry attached to childhood memories and her undying love for the 90s alongside a career in digital product development, she only saw it fit to merge fashion with technology to story tell the Sucré Girl lifestyle you experience today. Her earlier Sucré work earned jewelry features in British Vogue and Sheen Magazine. Kimmie holds a Bachelor's of Art in Mass Communication with a minor from Xavier University of Louisiana. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, son, and pug.

Dominique Webb, Social Media Manager

From clinical researcher to CEO, Dominique is a multi-disciplinary creative with a passion for helping women of color make money and build profitable brands through her business The Writer’s Block Creative Studio. Her eclectic professional background includes a seven-year stint in clinical research, branding, digital marketing, and self-taught graphic designer. Dominique is a proud alumna of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minor in Pre-Medicine. Her areas of genius include creating scroll-stopping content, storytelling and making social simple for her clients. She’s currently making magic and residing in her hometown of Antioch, Tennessee with her 7-year old pup, Yeezy Webb. 

Ariane Hailey, Web and Digital Communications Manager

Ariane has years of experience in media relations, digital marketing, and communications for large and small brands. Before joining Sucré Couture, Ariane executed branding and public relations projects for Essence Music Festival vendors and sponsors like McDonald’s. Ariane’s formal education hails from Xavier University of Louisiana, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. Ariane resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Charlee Black (Good Friends Studio), Multimedia Producer

Good Friends works with emerging and established brands to create.It’s the power of artistic integrity, of will, of determination, of generosity, of someone who sees the future and knows where she’s heading. You can come, too, she says — that’s the power of community.
Charlee Black contains multitudes. A photographer, producer, editor, entrepreneur, videographer & stylist. Her personal studio is a transformative space, designed to draw out strength, to unleash power. When she founded Good Friends Studio, it was a natural next step — a place where her aesthetic vision and her community of talented friends could create work together.

Based in Indianapolis, IN but happy to travel for clients has made Black + Good Friends Studio accessible in a world of social distancing.