september 2022 by Savy Sentient



Who is this hater? There's someone around you who is extra pissy because you're WINNING! Don't accept any help or gifts from this person. They are just trying to butter you up to break you down!


There's more to the story than you know. Someone is intentionally withholding information from you in order to control the narrative.

Trust your intuition in order to see the truth in this fairytale!


No matter what seems to be crashing down around you, you seem to be amazingly unbothered.

It's almost as if you know something that the rest of us don't.

I suppose running around like a chicken with its head cut off never helped make a situation any better.

You might be onto something!


If you keep on giving all your energy to anything and everything else, what will you have left for yourself Prioritize your wants and needs at this time!


Spirit wants you to extend that person the grace, that spirit has extended to you. Even if what they deserve is for you to extend a backhand. Take the high road on this one friend!


Choose yourself from here on out, friend. The name of the game is "reciprocity." They gotta skate if they can't reciprocate! No more one-sided relationships.


Oh, how deep of you...finally ready to stop running from your Spirituality and dive in head first! That's amazing, but make sure you crawl before you walk!


You can't avoid this anymore. It's time for you to face your past head on and get invested into your healing journey. The more you run from this, the more burdens you are creating for yourself!


Spirit says that you're being willfully ignorant as it pertains to a certain relationship. Rolling poop in glitter doesn't make it stink any less. Take this time to re-evaluate this connection and how it truly makes you feel!


At the risk of making you feel pressured, I have to express the importance of this message! Someone close to you really needs you at this time. Make sure they know how much they mean to you. Show them that you are there to support them through this struggle. Be kind.


This person does not mean you well AT ALL. Abort the mission! This person is only here to see how they can come up, by breaking you down. Please don't let this person victimize you!


There's an energy around you at this time that is amused by your rebellion! You're going against the grain and they love that for you. However, your human friends may not care too much for your lack of predictability. That's a "them" problem, not "you" problem. Keep on going friend!

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