Your March 2022 Sucréscope Reading

Your March 2022 Sucréscope Reading


Someone is coming back to start over with you and take things more seriously. You might fancy the idea and possibilities at first, but wary nonetheless.

Your intuition leads you to place your bets elsewhere that offer a higher return on investment. After all, longevity and long-term goals are more your jam.

You don't have the time to mess around.

Fortune Cookie: Positive work outcomes — consistent efforts are rewarded, and a major purchase is worth making.

Love Message: "I feel you even though we're apart."



It's a lucky month for you, Taurus. An outstanding career opportunity lands on your desk paired with the opportunity to work alongside a key player with tons of resources at your disposal – setting you up for exponential wealth and professional growth. 

Spirit says, "trust your intuition and go for it." Receive your path to abundance. 

Love message: "I'm starting to understand our connection."



Virgo, rest is calling your name this month. You'll be telling a job to kiss your a** goodbye for good or finally buckling down to take well-deserved time off through a vacation or sabbatical. 

Be on the lookout for some constructive criticism. Just because it's not what you want to hear doesn't mean it's not worth listening to. Chew up the meat and spit out the bone.

Fortune Cookie: Planning – Now's the time to lay down the foundation for your future financial gains are more than likely. 

Love Message: "You don't know how hard it was to let you go."



Aquarius, your money might be a little tight this month. Don't get discouraged by unexpected bills or a slow forthcoming month. Just hold tight and make wiser spending decisions. Slow your pace and breathe. 

Options related to career or love and how you approach them might also look slightly different from the previous month. You might've had an abundance of options to choose from, but this time around, you're choosing that one thing that feels best for you.

This month, you're getting more focused and ridding yourself of dreamy distractions.

Fortune Cookie: Assert yourself and go for what you want. The time is right for soulmate connections

Love Message: "We will be together again." 



You have opportunities and the world at your fingertips, and starting something new leads to your wish fulfillment, Libra. Whatever it is, now's a lucky time to birth that new project you've been thinking about a lot. 

Be on the lookout for a mystery person coming out of the blue to make you an offer. Whatever they do or say could positively change you or your family's life.

Fortune Cookie: Opportunities — a stranger is about to change your life. Exciting times and plenty of action. A special family reunion looks likely.

Love message: "I replay our conversations over and over again."


Gemini, you might be in your feelings this month — digging deep, taking time alone, and being more self-reflective than usual to mend a broken heart or heal from past experiences. Do the work because sweet results await at your doorstep. 

If related to a lover or platonic relationship, do the work. Sweet results await. A little bit of forgiveness and understanding on either side doesn't hurt. 

Fortune Cookie: Love is set to sizzle. The chance for romance is high for those seeking a connection.

Love Message: "I left you before you could leave me."



Been on serious guard and secretive about your short-term goals and how they're powering you up for your long-term trajectory? Lighten up a little. You never know who's there to lift you up, if you don't speak up. 

There's a possibility you're missing opportunities to expand your network and set yourself up for great success.

Fortune cookie: Care required — guard yourself against deception and be careful of making foolish mistakes at this time. 

Love Message: I hide behind material things. 



Believe what you see and choose fearlessly. Face reality or live in La La Land. March is feeling emotional for you. Going through life stresses and anxiety might feel impossible to deal with, but you can transcend it. 

Friends, family, a lover, or work are triggering you. Dig deep, ask yourself why you feel that way, and make sure the scenario is real before moving to action. 

Dot your i's, cross your t's, and then handle whatever's nagging you with Cancerian grace. 

Fortune Cookie: Difficult times - be on your guard about chaos or unforeseen perils, or emotional upheaval. 

Love Message: "I know that I crossed the line with you."



Scorpio, you're slowing down this month after putting in overtime at work — finding peace in your own space, your own body, your mind. While you're totally comfortable and enjoy being alone, don't isolate yourself. Hang out with a friend or entertain a date night. 

Something extraordinary is about to happen, but don't let your shadow self f*ck it up. 

Although you've been a hermit lately, your health is still a priority. Schedule an extra hour of sleep per night, if you can swing it, or schedule morning meditations to ease any anxieties. Believe that the small things matter. 

Fortune Cookie: Health – an excellent time to start an exercise program or diet. Many new friendships are on the horizon.

Love Message: "Sometimes, I stay awake and think about you."



Whatever might've left you struggling, it's up to you to be the maker of change in your life. You have the power, resources, and answers to transform it. But you're all in your head and shy about being the one that has to step up.

Go for it. Be courageous and get it done. 

Whoever or whatever you've been thinking about, you want. March might be the breakthrough that changes your life. 

Fortune Cookie: Burnout — your hard work will see results, but your health needs to be maintained. Check in with your doctor, dentist, and health professional and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Love Message: "I want you."



Someone is coming in and putting an offer on the table for you to parlay. Something you've been waiting on, but when it arrives, you'll be feeling a little bit caught off guard. Whatever the decision will be, it will lead you into healing and out of conflict.

But be careful about what you say. Think about the implications of your answer before you give it the green light.

Fortune Cookie: A commitment is indicated around love or business. It will make you feel better. 

Love Message: "I remember every detail of that day."


A plan, collaboration, or relationship you've been working on might experience a delay or 86'd altogether. Be fearless, bold, and patient because it might be worth letting go. As a result, new opportunities could present themselves. 

Just because plans just don't go how you want doesn't mean it's the end of the world. The shift could bring you new love, happiness, and opportunities that you've been wanting.

Don't worry so much about how long it's going to take to reach your end goal; just know that it's coming. Let go and chill...

Fortune Cookie: "Love is in the air. A great time for commitment and taking relationships to the next level."

Love Message: "I know that I crossed the line with you."

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