The Heritage SS22 Collection represents a homecoming of nostalgia and time and the reemergence of sweet, warm memories wrapped in 18K gold chains and perfectly placed pearl strands. 

Sucré Heritage represents the memories of your grandmother's warmth felt through the sight of plush velvet couches and the smell of fresh-cut flowers in her living room. 

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It’s walking indoors from the California breeze and having your daydreams preciously interrupted by the crackling of vinyl as The Crusaders tell you all about the Street Life.

The feeling of your mother combing through your hair and snapping her Marcel to bless you with the bounce of fresh curls on a Spring Sunday morning.  The smell of Blue Magic hair grease filling the air as the heat from the nearby stove dares you to move. You, however, sit perfectly still because it’s a hard lesson to learn if you don’t. 

The sound of your auntie's bangles ting with their own staccato rhythm as she adjusts her earrings while chatting it up on the phone.  She’s tethered to a phone cord that has once or twice been secretly used as a double dutch rope and sipping from dainty glasses of libation.

You watch her enjoy a lengthy conversation knowing that the right words will keep her smiling and laughing and the wrong words will get some poor soul an instant dial tone and a busy signal as the receiver hangs off the hook for the rest of the night.  

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It’s memories of the safe havens created by the women we love fiercely, “I would sit in my mother's living room lavishly decorated with bold feminine accents; hood opulence that created a world inside that was beautiful and different from the outside realities.” - Ilse Martinez, Co-Creative Director

Heritage captures the essence of the memories that we dare not let go of in raw film. Kimberly Fomby Jefferson, Founder and Creative Director, couldn’t have described it any better saying, “This shoot felt good. It felt like home. It felt like my heritage." Truer words have never been spoken.