Love Notes: A Love Letter to Sucré

Love Notes: A Love Letter to Sucré

Love Letter to Sucré Couture

I feel like this letter is long overdue. Overdue for thanking you for your contribution to my growth. Overdue for verbalized admiration of your presence in my life.

I remember being with child in New Orleans in 2010 — near graduation, waiting tables, and daydreaming about my next move.

I knew making a pilgrimage back to my home state of California was inevitable, but it also felt daunting. What do I do from there? Who would hire me? Plus the glories and challenges of new motherhood. I was lost. But even more so, I needed something that fed my creative and hustler spirit.

So I also birthed you on a whim with the love and charisma to match.

Even in your early stages, you were exciting and fresh. You were a break from the job search, interviews, and the "just trying to figure life out" ebbs and flows.

You were an outlet.

I submerged myself in your potential. I basked in progress I made with you year over year.

I spent many nights until dawn — sipping well-crafted gin cocktails from the comforts of my makeshift office next to my bed. Constructing handmade cardboard-made photo lightboxes. Gluing, cutting, and creating new jewelry constructs together with love and intention. While I had so long to go and sales often didn't compensate for the time I spent, you still had my attention and commitment, and it made all the difference.

Your force drove me to self-reflect as a businesswoman and 9 to 5 professional — evolving and grow for the next decade to come.

You were the catalyst that sparked partnerships turned sweet friendships. You were confirmation on my most bleak days — valuing my gifts in ways no day job could or was willing to do. You pushed the narrative I don't need validation from white-collar antagonists. That other women who look like me don't need their disingenuous nods of approval.

That we are enough.

Again, this is overdue.

Thank you for being by my side. Thank you for making me feel accepted when the white-collar world made me feel uncomfortable.

Thank you for allowing me to use my formal talents to paint a beautiful, raw, and divine picture of femininity that speaks to my burning fire.

I admire your beauty, the impact you've made on me, the bonds you’ve nurtured, and the impression you've left on others.

Thank you for making space.

With love,
Kimmie Denise

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