Ty Lauren Gives Us a Peek Into Her Life as an Influencer

Ty Lauren Gives Us a Look Into Her Life as One of NYC's Coolest Influencers

Staten Island-based natural hair and fashion influencer gives us a peek into her life.


Are you into fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content by women of color on Instagram? If so, chances are, you’re quite familiar with 26-year-old fashion Influencer and Content Creator Tylauren. Hailing out of NYC, she’s got the girl next door with a laid back edge down pat. Stepping away from her busy schedule creating dope content and living her best life, Sucré Couture connects with the maven to learn more about who she is:

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So tell us about your background? How did your career as an Influencer and Content creator transpire?
In 2015 I began to go natural with my hair and share small tips and tricks on my Instagram, and people started responding well to it. In 2016 I started to share more consistently about hair, beauty, and fashion and I decided to go full time in 2018 and its been a blessing ever since.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
I see myself living in the South with my family owning my own agency to build influencers from the bottom up.

Your talk about your style aesthetic? How would you describe it? Also, what inspires you?
Comfortable, Versatile, Affordable. I’m inspired by 80s and 90s fashion!

If you had to get ready in less than 30-minutes, what are your fashion and beauty go-to's?
Black trousers, Denim Jacket, Blazers and sneakers! For beauty, I can’t live without Vaseline.

Describe the perfect weekend.
Shooting content, binge-watching Netflix, and hanging out with my best friends.

A nightclub or cool a$$ lounge?
Neither! I’m a homebody! (I feel it.)

Favorite drink?
Water with lemon lots of ice!

What’s currently on your music playlist?
Right now I’m obsessing over Kaytranada, James Blake, and Kllo.

If you could pack your things and travel anywhere, where would you go?

What are some of your favorite items from our latest collection?
ALL of the gold rings! Especially the "Twisted Over You" ring. I love how minimalistic and clean the brand is! Also, you guys have the best visuals!

Finally, what’s your life mantra?
No one is you, and that is your power.