Taking Care of Your Fashion Jewelry

All Sucre Couture jewelry pieces are packaged
separately in their own protective plastic jewelry bags.

Using these bags will protect your fashion jewelry from tarnishing and ultimately allow them to last longer.


Invest in a jewelry box.

Not only will it keep dust particles, water, and heat off of your fashion accessories, a jewelry box will keep everything organized.
Be fashionable and neat with a chic glass, ceramic, metallic, or wooden jewelry box with velvet lining!


Store your jewelry in moderate room temperatures.

Cool or slightly warm temperatures are ideal.  Anything hot or muggy will cause your jewelry to damage from moisture in the air.


Keep your jewelry away from water.

If your fashion jewelry does come in contact with water, gently dry your items and store them away.


Wipe your jewelry clean and give it a quick polish with a soft cloth.

We prefer using terry cloth or something similar to eyeglass cleaning cloth.