In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Sucré Couture has partnered with the team of Heartbeat — a film by Andre K. Jefferson highlighting the importance of mental health and suicide awareness. 

As a brand that aims to create raw and culturally-relevant art while speaking on things that impact underserved communities, mental health is a critical topic of conversation that we can get behind. 

On Saturday, May 20th, in Southgate (Los Angeles), CA, at 5 pm, experience the red carpet Heartbeat film premiere and symposium on mental health and suicide awareness hosted by Marcus Paulk of Martin and Moesha.

RSVP to join the experience and stop by Sucré Couture’s booth to shop a few best sellers or pick up pre orders, and meet the Founder of Sucré Couture. Use code HEARTBEAT20 for 20% off Sucré.