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Sucré Girl Spotlight: RegalRubbish

She calls herself RegalRubbish on IG — a Toronto based fashion and beauty influencer with a to die for look. Think killer curves, a neutral color wardrobe with the occasional pop of color, monotone tattoos, perfectly shaped nails, and flawless, beat face. Dee George is our girl — a bonafide Sucré Girl at that.

Currently working as a Brand Manager for a Canadian cosmetics company, Dee balances a day job with the social media influencer life — managing a blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram account. So we ask...

How did your career unfold?
I went to University for Media Communications and ended up in a fashion retail marketing position. I started Regal Rubbish with one of my classmates. We were both working at fashion companies where we were very restrained by the company's vision and wanted a platform where we could really be creative and apply our skills to something that we love. Now Regal Rubbish is just me which I much prefer because I can build it to embody what I'm about. I've been in retail buying and marketing full time ever since while I work on growing my social channels on the side.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
Hopefully working for myself full time! Hopefully surrounded by puppies. Hopefully, with the big fake boobs, I've always dreamed of lol.

Okay, I love it lol. Now, let's get into your personal style. Tell us all about it?

1 cup 90s hip hop, 1/2 cup luxury streetwear, 1 cup Chola, 1 tablespoon sneakerhead, and a dash of typical Instagram thot. lol

You're killing us (in a good way) with the ingredients! What (icons or people in your circle) have influenced your aesthetic and vibe? Who inspires you?
I love me some @badgalriri! She is my queen! I'm obsessed with Nicki Minaj. I basically walk through life imagining that I'm as badass as she is. Powerful black women for the win!!! Jenn Im from @ClothesEncounters was one of the first fashion girls on social media who I saw and related to and thought "I can do that!"

What fashion and beauty staples can’t you live without?
I need a crisp pair of white on white kicks at all times. My go to right now is my Nike AF1s. My beauty staples are Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Granite for my signature Chola brows and NYX Matte Velvet Lipstick in Soft Spoken which is my all time fave rose mauve lip.

You’re late to an appointment and have less than 30 minutes to get out the door? What’s your quick go-to outfit and beauty routine?
High waist sweatpants, bright white sneakers, cropped tee, big hoops, leather backpack. On moisturized/primed skin with no foundation: brows, bronzer, highlight, mascara, lip liner, lip balm, slicked back high pony.

Let's get into your lifestyle because there's no such thing as being super stylish ass with a boring ass life.

How do you usually spend your weekends?
Either turnt at the function or watching Netflix in a sweatsuit with my dog. Get you a girl who can do both.

Yessss... Nightclub or cool a$$, urban lounge?
Lounge for sure. I don't fux with lines or dress codes, and big clubs give me anxiety.

What’s your drink of choice?

Cheers to that... Nails or no nails? What’s your signature shape and nail color?
Nails obvi. Stiletto or coffin depending on my mood. I like nudes and primary colors but I kind of just go for whatever catches my eye.

Who’s on your Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal playlist right now?
Bad Bunny, Ashley All Day, BIA, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, CL, Major Lazer, Kehlani, J.Balvin, Nicki Minaj, Tory Lanez, Tupac, Terror Jr.

If you could ditch everything right now and travel, what country would be your first destination?
I'd probably go to England. I've never been, and I have family in Hackney. London street fashion is lit too and based on the internet, and there are hella cute boys there.

What’s your favorite jewelry item from the latest Juice collection?
The juice nameplate necklace is sick! I think it would look bomb layered with the Don't Speak choker!

What’s your life mantra?
WWNMD? What would Nicki Minaj do?

@RegalRubbish's profile is some serious Sucré Girl eye candy and it's getting better by the day. Need to step up your IG follow game? Hit her up and tell her we sent you.

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