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Sucré Girl Spotlight: Esty

Not too long ago, the Sucré Couture crossed paths with 28-year-old songbird by way of Instagram. Captivated by her smooth vocals and allure (I mean her "Rosé Sessions" where she effortlessly croons Sza's "Supermodel" over a crisp glass of Sparkling Rosé or Mezcal are pretty badass), we reached out to learn more about Esty.

Born in New York City, raised in Providence, Rhode Island, and the middle child of five singers, the Dominican songstress, is living her destiny as a soul, r&b, and pop singer in California.

How did your singing career unfold and where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
Back in 2014 when my old friend/mentor Tyga was featured on my first R&B Experimental EP, Darkroom. So, it's been about four years being a recording artist. I've been songwriting and playing guitar since I was 16.

Touring, thriving and with a couple Grammy's under my belt (fingers crossed lol) I'd also like to fund/start a performing arts camp for kids coming from low-income families as I attended. It was life-changing, and I'd like to pass it on to future lil' dreamers.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Honestly, it's a different artist every time. It fluctuates quarterly almost. From Al Green to Bruno Major, to La Lupe, to Tracy Chapman to Billie Holiday and so forth.

What artists did you grow up listening to and how have they impacted you musically now?
I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and Billie Holiday. Billie Holiday has impacted me the most with how she portrayed raw emotion and vulnerability which is what I connect to the most when I'm writing or performing. I want to be that for others.

Her music isn’t our only obsession. Esty’s jet black wavy hair, red lips, and a vintage-like edge are electrifying. “I gravitate towards vintage pieces with a tiny splash of modern,” Esty says, “and pieces from the 90s era to be exact because they remind me of simpler times and the women in my family's fashion sense.”

You can also tell from her IG that she's a jewelry lover. So, we just had to ask…

What’s your favorite jewelry item from any one of Sucré latest collections?
"I Wanna Be Down" and "Twisted Over You" rings. Never want or need another ring, byeeee.

And she wasn't lying. Esty has rocked her rings on her latest album cover artwork and shows. We're flattered.

Aside from being a stellar performer with a keen sense of style, you can catch her with her, “mans tearing up sushi happy hours in Los Angeles.”

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