In The Majik


Last season Sucré Heritage invited you to our ancestral front porches to sip on sweet tea and absorb all the wisdom our elders could offer. We sought their knowledge, celebrated their existence, and revered their spirit. This season we are looking inward and inviting you to witness Sucré Majik.

Digging into your own power means going deeper into yourself and acknowledging the dark corners left untouched.

It’s unearthing untapped potential and allowing space for growth. It’s understanding that your narrative continues through time, although those words have yet to be written or spoken.

Sucré Majik is an uplifting of voices we thought were otherwise lost in time. It’s love letters written to our older selves on aged, curled paper. Reminders to never let go of the curiosity and power we own and inhabit.

Under the beauty of a blue-black sky, we recognize that our strength is endless, and our charm is unmatched. If our Heritage showed you who we are, then our Majik will show you what we can do. We whisper blessings from brandy-kissed lips, fully aware of our potency. We’ve discovered the richness of our lineage and the depths of our essence.

This is Sucré Majik.

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