IN THE MAJIK: thoughts of yesteryear

Self-Love Letters

by Kimberly Fomby Jefferson

Beloved Sucré Girl of yesteryear, your older self will need someone like you.

There's beauty in your authenticity, purpose in your rebelliousness, and promise in your shadows.

The distant echoes of giggles and gossip bouncing off the walls of dim hallways will not prevail over you. Those melodramatic and melancholic moments will not break you. Their misunderstandings of your most authentic self will not dampen your spirit. You were made to win.

Speak up when they speak down upon you. Let your rising energy roar. In bouts of confusion and chaos, remember that you're anarchy uninterrupted, and the only thing that can stop you is what you allow.

Dear Sucré Girl of today, your younger self needed someone like you.

Your courage and undying strength are desirable. Your resilience is enviable.

When's the last time you made space for her — giving her honest conversation, chocolate dahlias, and words of endearment? Do you still recognize bits of her in the mirror, or have you buried her so deep to the point of no recognition?

Lift her up and show her gratitude. She was the spark that you turned into a blaze. Reflect on the lessons she labored through so that growth became your offspring.

Lean into your Majik and embrace those hurts that have yet to heal. Use your ancestral gifts to break the generational curses that still stand before you.

Honor the woes and strength of your younger self by showing her the triumphs you accomplish today.

Give her grace and love.