How to Clean Fashion Jewelry

So you have tons of fashion jewelry stashed in your jewelry compartment.  Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets...  We name it, you have it.  You love your jewels and wear them often, but notice that they don't shine like the first time you purchased them. 

Many are afraid of cleaning their jewelry, because they a) don't know how or b) are afraid of causing damage. 

If you're one of the two, learn how to clean your fashion jewelry with the following tips:

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  1. Never place costume, fashion jewelry in water.  Doing so can cause your pieces to rust and change color. 
  2. Clean jewelry enamel using a soft cloth dipped in vinegar.  Be sure to clean around metals, as vinegar will deteriorate the finish.
  3. Wipe rhinestones clean with Windex.  Just as with vinegar, avoid contact with metals as best as possible.
  4. Brighten crystal rhinestones with toothpaste.  Works like a charm!
  5. Is your jewelry turning green?  That's an indicator of verdigris.  Verdigris is the corrosion of metals - primarily brass and copper.  Separate it from your other jewelry, as it has the tendency to spread.  Clean it off with soft material and vinegar. 
  6. Clean fashion jewelry metal with a dry soft cloth.  This will easily wipe off any smudges and dirt.  A soft-bristle toothbrush will work just as great!
  7. Use a dust can to remove hard to reach dust and dirt.  Purchase it at your local office supply retailer.
  8. Use protective cases and bags.  Sucre Couture jewelry is always sold in clear bags.  Keep your items clean by storing your fashion jewelry in them after each wear. 

Use these tips and you'll thank us later!

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