Gold Plated iPhones and MacBooks

For all of the gold fanatics, Computer Chompers has introduced gold, rose gold, chrome, platinum, bronze, and copper plating for mobile and desktop devices.  We at Sucre Couture are definitely enthused!

As seen in a photo below and according to Madame Noire, "the $30,000, 13-inch MacBook Pro is gold-plated and adorned with an Apple logo made completely of diamonds. They have also created a $14,500 rose gold-plated iMac with a 24-inch screen, and a $20,000 platinum MacBook Pro with a customized, multi-color diamond logo."   

While most of their clientele is international, Computer Chompers has completed a plethora of projects for multiple celebrities and athletes.

Check out some of their work below:

Photo from Style Pantry


Gold Plated with Diamonds Apple MacBook by Computer Chompers


Rose Gold Plated with Diamonds Apple iPhone by Computer Chompers

Platinum Plated Apple MacBook by Computer Chompers

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